Variable Speed Bicycle


 mountain bike, smooth shifting, inching rotation/blueprint system, short shifting stroke, clear shifting, fast shifting and labor saving, 10S electroplating positioning tower wheel, which can lock the front fork of shock absorber, calmly deal with various roads, effectively reduce resistance with high elastic effect, and make riding more comfortable.  mountain bike.

【Strong Braking】: Mechanical disc brake brake, automotive brake braking method, sensitive, fast, not affected by bad weather, to protect the safety of riding, ergonomic saddle, racing-grade narrow saddle, so that the legs are easy to ride to reduce leg friction, ride faster, long sitting not tired.

【Assembly】: 85% of the assembly of the mountain bike is complete when it arrives at your doorstep, all you need to do is fix the front wheel, pedals, handlebars, seat, and fill the tires with air, and you can enjoy the ride!

【Special Tires】: Shift Folding Shock Absorbing Bike, Mountain special off-road tires, mountain special tires, thicker, wild, with good grip, low rolling resistance, riding effort, lockable shock fork, dual-use shock fork, fork locking road riding
speed faster, locking open off-road riding shock comfortable. Bicycle, Fast folding, 24/26 inch mountain bike, folding design provides more possibilities for outings, lightweight and easy to carry, outings can be put in the trunk of the car, no tools, easy to fold, can be taken anywhere, high elastic shock comfortable cushioning, bring more fun for travel.
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