Challenger -900 bike

 Challenger -900 bike color Black/Green matching color This is the Merida classic color! Many high-end European models in Merida have these black/green colors. Of course, it is also the color of the Merida team version, the body is aluminum alloy HFS (hydraulic forming frame) frame, in recent years in order to reflect the body line tube is more uniform, and now most models of the variable speed line tube is the interior of the frame, of course, pick 900 is no exception, after all, such a design in rainy weather will not give you how much resistance to the variable speed system.

The transmission part of the Challenger -900 cost performance is not inferior, the vehicle uses the SHIMANO training level SLX 30s a complete set of transmission system to make the transmission more smooth. The flower drum is also the ball drum of SLX, and those who like bicycles all know that SHIMANO has been specializing in the design of ball drum, so SHIMANO ball drum is also quite good in terms of lubrication. The resistance is fairly low.
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